Toonami Squad Sessions Episode 1: Pilot

We at Toonami Squad have decided to start our own podcast “Toonami Squad Sessions”, you will get to meet and know the crew behind Toonami Squad as we discuss different topics pertaining to Toonami such as news or upcoming events as well as discussing Anime and Gaming and of course we still be bringing you interviews. The podcast will be bi-monthly as of right now.

Your hosts for this episode are Eric Casey @Erockstar5, Shadow @Mr5hadow, Sam @szuniverse, Phantom @PhantomStar64, and JMB A.K.A. The Boss (@JMB_70056)

Intro Voice Over and Edited by Eric Casey (ERockstar 5)

Intro Voice Over Edited by Victor Miranda

Topics of this episode:

Toonami Preflight One Year Anniversary

1 year since Toonami losing 3 hours

Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

Funimation losing Fullmetal Alchemist

Toonami France (Note: We recorded this podcast on February 6th we have since then received updated information on Toonami France –… )

SilverAbsolutionII’s Birthday!

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