Toonami Squad Podcast Sessions: Episode 21 And The Curse Continues…

The crew is back after a new year’s hiatus, Episode 21 is here! In this episode we talk about Space Dandy, the “Hot Springs” episode of Outlaw Star, How can Toonami expand beyond just action and another live action anime movie turd called Full Metal Something Something!

Host for this episode are:

Eric Casey aka @Erockstar5

Joshua Mathieu aka @JMB_70056

Phantom aka @PhantomStar64

Sam aka @Szuniverse

And returning special guest Amy Nettleton aka @Amylovestheatre

Also our fellow staff member Sam crosses over to our friends at Surreal Resolution’s podcast, PodcastONA to talk more about the live action movie adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist. So be sure to check that out as well:

Episode 16 – The Crunchysalt Anisalt Saltwards! (or, How Everyone Turned on Deku)

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