Toonami Squad Gaming Zone Discussion: Pre-E3 Predictions

From the Creators of the Toonami Squad Podcast Sessions and the Creators and Producer of Toonami Squad Gaming Zone comes the Toonami Squad Gaming Zone Podcast (TSGZ Podcast).

The TSGZ Podcast will consist of discussing the latest curated news and press releases, recapping and discussing recent directs and/or other similar events, talking about the latest and upcoming game releases, and discussing and promoting the lineup for the TSGZ stream.

We at Toonami Squad and Toonami Squad Gaming Zone have decided to shutdown our Gaming Website when going to the website you will now be re-directed to a TSGZ stream link on our main site.

While we thought expanding our website to also include gaming was a good idea at the time but unfortunately it turned out not be, that’s our bad lol. Between the added pressure of now trying to maintain two websites and just not being able to keep up and not getting enough traction with the gaming website, we felt it just wasn’t worth the effort and time to keep continuing with the gaming site in that particular format. But don’t worry our gaming streams will still continue unaffected. 

Doing a TSGZ theme podcast instead is a much more feasible option for us instead of trying to operate and maintain a second website and will still allow us to share and discuss our passion for gaming. 

And don’t worry Toonami Squad Podcast sessions isn’t going anywhere and we hope you enjoy our new podcast and you can send us feedback for any of our podcasts at

Join Phantom, Sam, Logan, JMB, and Silver as they discuss their predictions for the return of E3!

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