Anime Savior Interview’s Brandon Winckler at Anime Expo 2019

Back during Anime Expo 2019, I met up with Brandon Winckler in the busy halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, as I had the opportunity to talk with him regarding his rise to the anime scene and voicing the fan favorite character Eugeo in the third season of Sword Art Online.

A little note, this was one of 13 interviews I did back at AX 2019 in collaboration with However, this interview was made solely by me as my colleagues were busy covering another assignment when this interview took place. Unfortunately, various circumstances prevented me from being able to publish this interview until now, and I have since left due to creative differences. So, as the world continues to reopen and Anime Expo is scheduled to return for its 2022 edition in July, thanks to my friends and colleagues at Toonami Squad, this interview can finally see the light of day.

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